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What happens during this PeeTime:
Everyone is standing in the winners circle. The journalists think that Secretariat is posing for the camera.

Cut to a music montage of Secretariat winning races. The whole seen is a super-slow-motion of Secretariat running while we here the announcers calling the races as he wins time after time. Then cut to the crew - Penny, Eddy, Lucien - dancing as they groom Secretariat. He has won 7 races in 4 months.

Cut to the journalists doing an interview. They ask why Secretariat always comes from behind. Penny says that's just the way he likes to run. They mention that he is very fast but that fast horses can't run long distances. Secretariat pees in the direction of the journalist.

Cut to Penny and Lucien having lunch. He asks her why she picked him. She tells him because I was hungry to win and I knew you wouldn't say retired after I saw you golfing. Just then the jockey comes in with a news paper with a headline reading "Secretariat Horse of the Year."

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